15 Jun 2022

Shopping in Glastonbury

Shopping in Glastonbury is a unique experience compared to most other market towns in England. It used to be said that you could buy all the ingredients you needed for a spell, but don’t bother trying to find a pair of socks!

This has now changed somewhat, although we do still have more than our fair share of crystal shops, book shops and new age shops that support an alternative lifestyle and spiritual enquiry.

The shops in Glastonbury start from the end of Magdalene Street, sprawl into Northload Street, the Market Cross area, down Benedict Street and then go up the High Street, peppered with cafes along the way and with a couple of little alleyways off, it really is worth the walk to the top of the High Street in order to take in everything that Glastonbury has to offer.

The really special thing about shopping in Glastonbury is that apart from one chain restaurant, the rest is made up entirely of independent shops and cafés so if you are looking for unique gifts you are in the right place.

In the information Centre we specialise in selling the work of local craftspeople and listed below are a few of the other shops below who all have their own unique selling points.

Yin Yang

Yin Yang is an oasis of calm nestled in the amazingly diverse and bustling High Street. Over 17 years ago, the shop started as a home for unique, specialised products enabling its customers to improve their spiritual practices! Then and now, you can find an array of amazing artefacts from all over the world with both spiritual and religious significance. In fact, Yin Yang has been likened to a museum by many visitors who are enthralled by its peaceful atmosphere and incredible range of products.

Yin Yang stocks a wide range of Jewellery, crystals, statues, incense and other products, their range also includes many authentic hand-made Native American items, including flutes, drums, rattles and dreamcatchers, jewellery, Kachinas, prayer fans… the list goes on.

Star Child

Star Child sources high quality materials from all over the World aiming to work with organic and sustainable growers wherever possible to create high quality products such as Aromatherapy essential oils, incense, bath oils and botanicals. They do not use any synthetic additives in any of their products, selecting only the best materials for all of the blends which in turn are available as raw ingredients for you to use for your own purposes, with the most impressive array of herbs.

They work with the cycles of the Moon to collect materials for their magical lunar infusions which are then added to all the magical blends. They believe in working with the natural rhythm of the Earth and in doing so create truly potentised magical products.

Star Child also sells a great selection of very colourful candles and lovingly created the Glastonbury Unity Candle.


Stoneage is a family run business that has been empowering people with unique designer jewellery for over 25 years!

They believe in bringing together ancient wisdom and symbology with modern style and craftsmanship. Specialising in Sacred Geometry, Ancient Egyptian, Symbolic, Celtic, Angelic/Goddess and Tektite jewellery. They are also specialists in sound healing tools & meditation music made in house.

Stoneage designs and manufactures jewellery with the highest intentions and only use the finest quality gemstones from around the world as well as gems from outer space known as Tektites, and you won’t find their pieces anywhere else!

There is also a selection of exclusive music produced in house by their very own talented group of musicians & producers. You will find a variety of high vibrational music perfectly suited for relaxing/meditating and some ambient electronic styles also.

God’s Gift

The God’s Gift Label, established by Tanya Guildford in 1996, designs and produces clothing and accessories for men, women and children. Using an array of fabrics for inspiration, God’s Gift designs are unique and recognisable.

The Emporium stocks God’s Gift clothing and a variety of unique independent designers’ collections. Many pieces are artisan and only available from their shop.

They have an extensive range of hats, shoes, bags, jewellery, and artisan pieces for women, men and children. You will find worldly goods and vintage collectables alongside hand stitched quilts, curtains, cushions, mats and more and if you were looking for clothes to go to Glastonbury Festival in, this would be a good place to start.

Goddess and the Green Man

Goddess and the Green Man have been trading in the magical Isle of Avalon, in Glastonbury, England for nearly 30 years. What began as a niche market and very much a family affair, has grown into a thriving mainstream business. The staff and owners all support the ethos of the shop, approaching this from their diverse pagan paths and personal traditions and practices. Within the business they work practically and consciously with the sacred Wheel of the Year. This shapes the ebb and flow of stock ranges and displays.

Their intention is to help reclaim and support a pagan way of life, embraced as an earth honouring path bringing us closer to the natural world, and celebrating the Earth and the rhythm of Her seasons.

Dillaway and Dillaway

Dillaway and Dillaway are a family run shop and have been on Glastonbury High Street for over 25 years. They specialise in Indian interiors and offer a wide range of items from incense and ribbons to furniture and textiles.

Stepping inside Dilliway & Dilliway is an instant multi-sensory experience. The incense probably gets you first and then the riot of colours and textures is hard to ignore. The shop is full of embroidered textiles, marble, brass and stone deities, kantha stitched cottons and silks on the ground floor. Follow the winding stairs to two more rooms of handmade furniture – cupboards and low tables, salvaged windows and doors, carved stone sconces, old, framed pictures and dazzling wall-hangings. Up the stairs again to more furniture, rag rugs, tribal and contemporary cushions and indigo dyed quilts. Glance upwards and hanging from the entire ceiling are bejewelled, hand painted glass light shades in all colours, shapes and sizes. The shop is a display of Indian skills and craftsmanship, and their passion and appreciation for the work of their friends.


An eco-friendly grocer in Glastonbury, Somerset.

Offering a feast of organic, local and plant-based treats, as well as everyday essentials. The amazing range of wholefoods, superfoods and supplements plus planet friendly products for your home make greener and healthier living a little easier.

The store is run by a dedicated, knowledgeable and passionate team, and the aim has always been to provide a great service for the local community (lucky us), as well as being the go-to store for all those wishing to follow a more natural, alternative and healthier lifestyle.

Glastonbury Information Centre!

Of course, we couldn’t leave our shop out of this list! Although we have the function of being an Information Centre and Pilgrim Reception Centre, we also have a very strong retail offering that is growing in strength day by day as we make contact with more local suppliers.

We specialise in bringing to you the work of local crafts people and makers, and each piece, whether it is a beautiful ceramic bowl, a hand painted stone from one of our mural artists, a piece of stained glass or a tree essence, is either inspired by or made here in Glastonbury. We also support Fairtrade businesses and choose items that support other local communities.

We are also the home of the Glastonbury Unity Candle and the only place you are able to purchase it in town.

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