16-minutes to the base of the Tor at a steady pace (1.1 ml)

Glastonbury Tor

Glastonbury Tor is a sixteen-minute walk from the town centre or catch the Tor Bus to the base of the Tor (April to September).

Overlooking the Isle of Avalon, Glastonbury and Somerset, this iconic hill has been a spiritual magnet for centuries.

Standing 521 feet above sea level, the famous Glastonbury Tor is capped by the massive tower- all that is left of the former St. Michael’s Church.

Built in the 14th century and restored in 1804, this is a three-storeyed parapeted tower that formed the west end of the church (the outline of the nave gable can be clearly seen on the east wall). The tower has many features of architectural interest including representations of St. Michael and St. Bridget and a carved figure of a priest. The tower is unroofed and empty, but recent excavations of the hill have laid bare traces of a former Norman Church, of a mediaeval priest’s house and a Saxon Church. A round headed Saxon cross was found as evidence of a hill fort of Arthurian times. Scattered finds from the Tor suggest that man may have even been making use of the hill from remote prehistoric times.

There are very extensive views into Dorset to the south, to the Quantock Hills and Exmoor to the west, Brean Down at the seaward end of the Mendips, the island of Steep Holm in the Bristol Channel, and Alfred’s Tower on the borders of Wiltshire to the east, which are enhanced by the flatness of the surrounding Somerset Levels.

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Glastonbury Tor • Glastonbury Abbey • Chalice Well • Somerset Rural Life Museum

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It is one of the greatest mysteries of the Isle of Avalon that two different healing springs, one touched red with iron, the other white with calcite, should rise within a few feet of each other from the caverns beneath Glastonbury Tor.

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