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The White Spring

It is one of the greatest mysteries of the Isle of Avalon that two different healing springs, one touched red with iron, the other white with calcite, should rise within a few feet of each other from the caverns beneath Glastonbury Tor.

In honour of the Spirit of the White Spring, a Temple has been created here in gratitude for the gift of pure water. A Victorian built Well House that nestles beneath Glastonbury Tor was ideal for this purpose. Cavernous and set apart, in blackness or candle lit, it is very enigmatic and a wonderful contrast to the sunlit gardens of Chalice Well of the Red Spring. The interior consists of three domed vaults 16ft high, with beautiful, bowed floors – like the hull of a boat moored at the portal to the Otherworld. With its constant temperature, and the sound of the perpetually flowing water, it is a unique and sacred space.

Many groups, pilgrims, and local people – from a wide diversity of backgrounds and traditions have come to appreciate the blessings of this sacred space.

The White Spring is manned by volunteers and the current opening hours are Tuesday, Friday and Sunday 1.30pm – 4.30pm and the Temple can be found on Well House Lane.

Frequently asked questions about The White Spring

The calcium-rich spring water that flows from the White Spring runs through a UV sterilisation system and is freely available as it pours from the faucet on the outside wall of the Well House on Well House Lane.

The waters that flow from both the Red and White Springs undergo regular quality and safety tests.

The outlet that pipes the iron-rich waters from the Red Spring wellhead in Chalice Well Gardens is located opposite the White Spring in Well House Lane. Due to its iron-rich content, Red Spring water should only be taken in moderation. Indeed, Tudor Wellesley Pole, who founded the Chalice Well Trust, recommended: “Seven drops in a tumbler of ordinary drinking water, fruit juice or milk.”

In Chalice Well Gardens, the Red Spring water that flows from the “Lion’s Head” drinking fountain is the only place in the garden where the water is safe to drink. The waters that flow from the White and Red Spring wellheads are freely available. The locally bottled Glastonbury Spring Water that is sold in and around the town is sourced from another spring within the Glastonbury area.

The White Spring does not operate a virtual tour. No filming or recording takes place within the interior of the Well House. The use of mobile phones, cameras and all recording/electrical equipment is strictly prohibited within this sacred space.

Festivities and celebrations that periodically take place in the courtyard/garden area outside the Well House can be viewed via the live-stream webcam, on The White Spring’s website.

Tuesday, Thursday & Friday: 1.30pm – 4.30pm
Saturday & Sunday: 1.00pm – 5.00pm

These opening hours are correct at the time of writing (February 2023).

Please note that the “Keepers” of the White Spring work entirely voluntarily, thus, in the rare case of an unforeseen absence, it may not always be possible to find cover at short notice.

Contact details for The White Spring

Glastonbury Tor • Glastonbury Abbey • Chalice Well • Somerset Rural Life Museum

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