Glastonbury Pilgrim Reception Centre

The Glastonbury Pilgrim Reception Centre Team of volunteers are dedicated to the following core values:

Welcome & Support

To openly welcome and support those of good heart from all beliefs and lifestyles, to help them make the best of their time spent in Glastonbury and to support the town and its community.

Centre of Pilgrimage

To actively help in building Glastonbury as a centre of pilgrimage for people of all faiths and beliefs.

Services to Pilgrims

To offer a range of services to pilgrims, visitors, residents and researchers including information, teaching and support.


The origins of our service arose in 1985 when a small group of people were inspired with the vision of recreating Glastonbury as the great centre of learning, teaching and spirituality that it had been in the Middle Ages. Glastonbury Pilgrim Reception Centre (PRC) first opened its doors to the public in 2008 to support all those interested in spiritual Glastonbury irrespective of their beliefs. In 2010 due to rapid expansion, the present not-for-profit Company Limited by Guarantee Glaston Centre Ltd was set up to take over the existing Association and manage the Pilgrim Reception Centre. Over time, the faith and beliefs communities, plus the civic and secular communities began to recognise that this organisation was a valuable and much-needed link between the diverse, inspirational, knowledgeable, experienced individuals and organisations within the town. Since 2017 the centre relocated to the newly formed Glastonbury Information Centre where we have continued to provide support, information and guidance.

During a ceremony in 2010 attended by the spiritually and religiously diverse team at Glastonbury Pilgrim Reception Centre, the Glastonbury Unity Candle was first activated as a symbol of unity. Each person represented a different faith, path or belief but all holding a common bond of peace and understanding. Since then, the Candle, in its iconic lantern, has been passed around different faiths, paths and community groups in Glastonbury, including town council meetings, so that we may all continue to spread the idea of unity without barriers.

The PRC hosts the Silent Minute of Peace live-streamed every evening at 9pm from the Glastonbury Unity Candle Facebook page. This ceremony is followed around the world providing comfort, community and unity for all.

Unity candle

Glastonbury has a wonderful diversity and each part of it contributes to the Whole. We feel that this simple ongoing ceremony brings the town together into the energy of the candle and, by witnessing the flame spark into life, we become mindful of our own inner flame and of how, regardless of our differences, we are all connected in the same Light.

Our Unity Candle still continues its journey around the town, often travelling further afield and, every time we light it, with the knowledge that our thoughts have power, the darker places in the world might grow a little brighter. Find us on Facebook: The Glastonbury Unity Candle.

We've moved!

You can now find us in the Small Hall within the Town Hall. The Town Council Reception, Tourist Information and the Pilgrims Reception look forward to seeing you!

The current Glastonbury Information Centre building is currently being renovated as part of the Town Deal.

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