Ley Lines Glastonbury Map


This map by Palden Jenkins of the ancient landscape around Glastonbury showing energy centres, ancient remains, ley alignments coasts and islands. The map is A1 size, and is available as a folded map.

Glastonbury is a global sacred centre sizzling with subtle energies. The only map of its kind, this map of ancient Glastonbury and its surroundings is unique.

Glastonbury’s spiritual heritage spans 5000 years or more, embracing the pre-Megalithic, Megalithic, Bronze Age and Celtic/Druid cultures, Roman and Saxon times, the high Middle Ages, secular urbanism, and today a new Age subculture. All these features of the Glastonbury Landscape and its environs are written about on the reverse of the map.

Pin this map on your wall. Use it when roaming the Somerset landscape. Let it inspire your thought, vision and research.

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