Walks around Glastonbury

In this mystical town nestled in the heart of Somerset, you’ll discover much more than just historic landmarks and spiritual significance. Glastonbury’s landscape, shrouded in legend and myth, beckons you to explore its serene paths, scenic routes, and hidden treasures.

Whether you seek solace and reflection, wish to connect with nature’s rhythms, or simply crave the tranquillity of the countryside, there are many walks around Glastonbury to explore.

From the iconic Glastonbury Tor, with its sweeping views and ancient legends, to the serene countryside trails that wind through this sacred land, each walk invites you to connect with the essence of Glastonbury

"Walking Around Glastonbury" Guidebook

Unlock the secrets of Glastonbury’s enchanting landscapes with the captivating book, “Walking Around Glastonbury” by Vanda Lloyd. 

This comprehensive guide offers a journey through the heart of Glastonbury, revealing the town’s hidden treasures, sacred sites, and natural beauty. With easy-to-follow routes and delightful full-colour photographs, it’s like having your personal tour guide by your side.

Available for purchase on our website or at our shop, “Walking Around Glastonbury” is your key to discovering the beauty of Glastonbury and the surrounding Somerset countryside.

We've moved!

You can now find us in the Small Hall within the Town Hall. The Town Council Reception, Tourist Information and the Pilgrims Reception look forward to seeing you!

The current Glastonbury Information Centre building is currently being renovated as part of the Town Deal.

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